10th Standard The Songs of India Poem Notes Question Answer

10th Standard English The Songs of India Poem Notes Question Answer summery Mcq Extract Pdf in Kannada Medium,10th English 4th Poem Notes Kseeb Solution for Class 10 English 4th Poem Notes the song of india summary 10th standard notes


10th English The Song of India Poem Notes Question Answer

Class : 10th Class

Subject : English

Poem Name : The Songs of India

The Songs of India Mcq Questions and Answers

1. The song of India is written by……….

a. V. K. Gokak

b. D. V. G

c. Kuvempu

d. R.K Narayan

2. Angry Mother’s words strike the poets eass like a gong. Here the figure of speech is

a. Personification

b. simile

c. metaphor

d. synecdoche

3. What do you mean the word “vacant”……….

a. Full

b. empty

c. occupied

d. swarm

Answer the following questions in two or three sentence:

1. Identify the two speakers in the poem. What does the speaker want to sing about?

Ans: the two speakers are the poet and his mother. The poet or offspring wanted to sing about his
country for his mother.

2. Who does the poet mean by ‘of your children that died to call their own?’

Ans: The soldiers who guard our mother and motherland are mother’s children and they sacrificed
their lives for the sake of their motherland. So they are her own.

3. What according to the poet is the contribution of the seers and prophets?

Ans: The seers and prophets have contributed their valuable lessons and experience to others.

4. What are the epics? Why does the poet cal the temples as ‘epics’ in stone?’

Ans: Epics are long poem or story about the heroic deeds. In India most of the ancient temples are
built by stones and carving many historical or mythological stories on the walls or the pillars. So the
poet called the temples.

5. Explain the lines ‘A song bathed in the stainless blue un capturing in the void’.

Ans: In and the poet sang the song which is very remarkable and pure, it was bathed in the firm
melodious voice that which does not disappear into nothingness.

6. Write in brief your vision of the future of India.

Ans: According to poet, the future of our country can open up on mother’s forehead. It is like earth’s
destiny. All the sorrows and suffering came to an end and new things and views will come and make
the people happy. The god will protect the earth and saves all. I envision of very bright future for
India. A India where there all people work hard for the development of the country. All Indians
should be happy and live harmoniously with each other. There should be no discrimination and all
the people should be treated as equal


The poem “The Song of India” was written by V.K.Gokak. The poem is like a dialogue
between Mother India and the poet. In this poem the poet wants to present glorious picture of the
past and also wishes to paint India’s natural beauty.
As Indians we can rightly be proud of our country’s natural beauty, Its Rich cultural heritage,
its ancient wisdom, It’s glorious freedom struggle and its industrial progress. As the same time we
should not ignore the numerous ills affecting our motherland Like Poverty disease, environmental
degradation, ignorance, illiteracy, unemployment, caste, and class conflicts and a hundred forms of
exploitation. We should try to eradicate them as far as possible.
As poet said our mother India has to write the book of our destiny, cancelling all our sorrow.
Tomorrow should be clear dawn..Our nightmare should fled in the night. We have to write our bright


What is the summary of the song of India?

In the poem “The Song of India,” the speaker contemplates what he should sing for his motherland, whether to praise the Himalayas, its bounty, or the season of all three sides. Or it could be about the beggars and lepers who frequent his streets or the filthy surroundings.

What according to the poet is the contribution of the seers and prophets?

Ans: The seers and prophets have contributed their valuable lessons and experience to others.

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