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9th Standard English The Noble Bishop Notes Question Answers Extract Mcq Pdf in Kannada Medium 9th Class English 6th Lesson Notes Pdf 2023 Kseeb Solution For Class 9 English Chapter 6 Notes Pdf Download


9th Class The Noble Bishop Notes Pdf 2023

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C1. Work in pairs and answer the following questions in a
sentence or two each :

Who was Jean Valjean?

Jean Valjean was a convict.

Who brought the silver candlesticks from the mantel?

Ans: Baptistine brought the silver candlesticks from the mantle.

What did the stranger steal from the Bishop’s place?

Ans: The stranger stole silverware from the Bishop place.

Why was Jean Valjean surprised at the Bishop’s behaviour the next morning?

Ans: Bishop addressed Jean Valjean as his friend and happy to see him so he was surprised.

Why was Jean Valjean finally set free?

Ans: Bishop told that he had given silverware to Jean Valjean so he was set free.

What did Jean Valjean promise the Bishop?

Ans: He promised the Bishop that he would become a honest man.

C2. Discuss in groups and write answers for the following

9th The Noble Bishop Questions And Answers

1. What do you think were Jean Valjean’s feelings when he was called a friend?

Answer: He completely felt transformed and was amazed at the nobility of the Bishop. He thought that the Bishop possessed a great soul.

2. Why did Jean Valjean say that he was a beast?

Answer: Jean was imprisoned for stealing some bread. He was chained up, like a wild animal, beaten like a dog and fed on filth, officers took away his soul, and gave him a devil in that place. He was totally ill-treated for stealing. So he said that he was a man once, but he was a beast now. Human qualities were driven away from him in the prison.

3. What kind of a person was the Bishop?

Answer: He was kind, generous and noble. He really possessed a great soul. He was compassionate towards the poor and helped them.

4. Why did Jean Valjean hesitate to steal the silverware at first?

Answer: Because he was helped by the Bishop though he was not accepted by others. When he went to the Bishop’s room, he saw the rays of moonlight shone on the Bishop’s face and he slept peacefully. So Jean Valjean hesitated.

5. Was there any change in Jean Valjean’s attitude when he left the Bishop? What was the change?

Answer: Yes, there was a lot of change in Jean Valjean’s attitude when he left the Bishop. He led the life of an honest man. He strove for the cause of the .oppressed, downtrodden and destitute.

C3. Discuss the following questions in small groups and present your answers to the class. Write a short paragraph on each question.

1. Describe the sufferings of Jean Valjean.

Ans: Jean Valjean was convicted for nineteen years in the galleys for stealing some bread. He was tortured and treated like a animal. His name and soul were taken away and given a devil in its place.

2. Explain how the Bishop reacted when Jean Valjean was brought before him by the police.

Ans: Bishop was very happy to see Jean Valjean and called him as friend. He did not tell that Jean had stolen the silverware. He asked him why he had not taken candlesticks along with the silverware.

ಇತರೆ ವಿಷಯಗಳು:

9ನೇ ತರಗತಿ ಕನ್ನಡ ನೋಟ್ಸ್

9ನೇ ತರಗತಿ ವಿಜ್ಞಾನ ಎಲ್ಲಾ ಪಾಠಗಳ ನೋಟ್ಸ್‌

10ನೇ ತರಗತಿ ಎಲ್ಲಾ ವಿಷಯಗಳ ನೋಟ್ಸ್‌

1 ರಿಂದ 10ನೇ ತರಗತಿ ಪಠ್ಯಪುಸ್ತಕಗಳು Pdf

1 ರಿಂದ 9ನೇ ತರಗತಿ ಕಲಿಕಾ ಚೇತರಿಕೆ Pdf

1 ರಿಂದ 12ನೇ ತರಗತಿ ಕನ್ನಡ ನೋಟ್ಸ್‌ Pdf

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