9th Standard English Justice Above Self Lesson Notes Question Answer in Kannada Medium

9th Standard English Justice Above Self Lesson Notes Question Answer Extract Mcq Pdf in Kannada Medium 9th Class English Chapter 5 Notes 2023 Kseeb Solution For Class 9 English Chapter 5 Notes justice above self lesson question and answer Summery


9th Justice Above Self Notes

Justice Above Self Notes Pdf Download

Answer the Following Questions

1. How was the bond of friendship between Jumana and Algu?

Ans: The bond of friendship between Jumman and Algu was so strong that when either of them went away from the village, the other looked his family.

2. On What condition did Jumman’s aunt transfer her property to him?

Ans: She would stay with him and he would look after her.

3. What did the aunt demand set up a separate kitchen?

Ans: kitchen. Aunt demanded a monthly allowance to set up a separate

4. What made the old lady angry?

Ans: Jumman told aunt that his wife knew best how to run the house and asked her to be patient so the old lady was angry.

5. How did people react to the old lady when she went explaining her plight?

Ans: Some sympathized with her, others laughed at her. A few others advised her to make it up with her nephew and his wife.

6. Why did Algu Choudhary say that he could not go against Jumman?

Ans: Jumman was the best friend of Algu so he said that he could not go against Jumman.

II. Answer the Followi ng Questions

justice above self notes in english pdf

1. What was Jumman’s opinion about the panch?

Ans: According to Jumman “The voice of the panch is the voice of God”.

2. Was the old lady right in nominating Algu as the panch knowing very well that he was Jumman’s best friend?

Ans: Yes. The lady was right in nominating Algu. Because she knew that panch knew neither enemy nor friend.

3. What decision did Algu give after listening to Jumman and his aunt?

Ans: Algu gave the decision that Jumman must pay his aunt a monthly allowance, or else the property must go back to his aunt.

4. Why were Algu and Jumman seldom seen together after the panchyat?

Ans: The decision given by Algu was against Jumman. So they were seldom seen together after the panchyat. Jumman saw Algu as an enemy and wanted to take revenge after the panchyat.

5. Who did Algu sell his bullock to?

Ans: Algu sold his bullock to Sanju Sahu, a cart driver of the village.

6. What happened to the bullock bought by Sahu from Algu?

Ans: a month. The bullock bought by Sahu from Algu was died within

7. Who did Sahu nominate as the head panch?

Ans: Sahu nominated Jumman as the head panch.

8. How did Algu feel on hearing the judgement?

Ans: Algu said “Victory to the panchayat. This is justice. God lives in the voice of the panch.

Think about the Text

C1. Each of the following extracts had three questions. Give pointed answers to them in a phrase or a sentence. Discuss the answers with your partners.

1. I am not wanted in your house

a) Who is referred to as’I’
b) Where was the speaker?
c) What did the speaker demand?


a)Jumman’s aunt was referred to as T.
b)The speaker was an unwanted person in Jumman’s house.
c)The speaker demanded a monthly allowance so that she could set up a separate kitchen.

2. ‘How can I go against him?’

a) Who said it?
b) Who does ‘him’ refer to?
c) Why was he not ready to go against the person?


a)Algu said it.
c)He was not ready to go against the person.

3. ‘I will abide by her decision’

a) Who agreed to abide by the decision?
b) Where did the person make the statement?
c) What decision is referred to here?


a) Algu agreed to abide by his decision.
b) The person made the statement before the Panch.
c) The decision of Panch was referred to here.

4. ‘He brought us nothing but ruin’

a) Who said this?
b) Who was this said’To?
c) How did ‘he’ bring ruin to his owner?


a)Sahu, the cart driver of the village said this.
b)This was said to Algu.
c)He brought ruin to his owner by death.

5. I had become your enemy

a) Who had become the enemy of whom?
b) When did the enmity start?
c) What caused the enmity between them?


a)The enmity started from the last Panchayat.
b)The enmity started from the last Panchayat.
c)The decision given in favour of the aunt, the lady caused the enmity between them.


1.What would have done in case you were the panch in place of Algu Choudhary?

Ans: I would ask Jumman must look after his aunt well or he should return her property.

2. What values do you learn from the lesson? Write them down.

Ans: We learn to look after our elder well. We learnt that we should not violate our agreement at any cost. And we should forget our enemity.

3. Do you like the way Jumma’s wife treated the old lady? Give reasons.

Ans: No. I don’t like the way Jumman’s wife treated the old lady. The old lady transferred her property to Jumman to look after her but she did not look the old lady in a good manner.

4. Assume yourself to be Jumman. Narrate how you would have looked after the old lady.

Ans: I would have looked after the old lady with great care and love. I tried to meet her demands as much as possible. I would have give respect to her.

6. Discuss in groups how old people should be cared for. Write down the outcome of your discussion in four or five sentences.

Ans: We should look after the old people with great care and love. We should take care of their needs and their wishes. We should respect them and make them feel happy.

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