7th Standard English Wealth and Values Lesson Notes Question Answer

7th Standard English Wealth and Values Lesson Notes Question Answer Summery Extract Mcq Pdf Download, 7th English 8th Lesson Notes Pdf 2024 Kseeb Solutions For Class 7 English Chapter 8 Notes Wealth and Values 7th Standard Pdf

Wealth and Value Question Answer 2024

Check your understanding:

C1. Answer each of the following questions in a word, a phrase or a sentence:

1. What is the name of the rich businessman?

Ans: Mr . Balaji is the name of the rich businessman .

2. Who were his sons?

Ans: His sons were Gagan and Rahul.

3. Who wanted a share in the property?

Ans: Rahul wanted the share in the property.

4. Why did he want his share?

Ans: He wanted his share of property to visit places all over the world.

Check your understanding

1. Why did Rahul feel the need for money again?

Ans: Rahul wastes his money spending lavishly and leads luxurious and wasteful life. He
visits places all over the world and at last he had no money: Then he begins to feel the need
of money again.

2. Rahul was reminded of his —————— when he thought of his comfortable life
before he left home. a) father b) brother c) servants (choose the right answer)

Ans: Rahul was reminded of his servants when he thought of his comfortable life before he
left home.

3. What was the decision taken by Rahul?

Ans: Rahul decided to back home to his father.
Check your understanding

4. Rahul’s father welcomed him __ a) angrily b) happily c) sadly.

Ans: Rahul’s father welcomed him happily.

5. Who was angry with Rahul’s father?

Ans: Gagan was angry with his father

6. What was the reason for his anger?

Ans: His father was celebrating his brother Rahul’s return and arranged a feast . Though he
had served his father all those years he hadn’t arranged or celebratied a feast. This was the
cause of his anger.

C2. Answer the following questions in two or three sentences each:

1. Why did Rahul want his share of the property?

Ans: Rahul wanted to be independent and happy. He wanted to visit places all over the
world with his friends.

2. How did Rahul spend his money on his friends?

Ans: Rahul spent lavishly and led a luxurious life with his friends. They visit places all over
the world. They spend the money wastefully and extravagantly.

3. What did Mr. Balaji tell his servants to do, when Rahul returned home?

Ans: Mr. Balaji told his servants to buy best clothes to Rahul. Decorate his finger with a
ring and get good shoes for his feet. Mr. Balaji ordered to prepare delicious meal to celebrate
his son’s return.

4. What made Gagan talk angrily to his father?

Ans: Gagan was not ready to accept his father’s celebration of feast. Since according to him
his brother Rahul had not deserved it . So gagan gets angry and showed his discontentment

5. How did Mr. Balaji explain the situation to Gagan?

Ans: Mr. Balaji explained the situation with patience to gagan . His brother went away and
now a missed him. “To err is human : to for given is divine” There is happiness. And peace
in forgiveness. So their duty is to for give and accept him . Gagan understood his brother
and welcomed him.

C3. Discuss these questions with your partners:

1) Do you think Rahul’s father was right in welcoming him with pleasure?

Ans: Yes Rahul’s father was right. We should forgive because it is a virtue.

2) Speak about the importance of forgiveness.

Ans: Forgiveness is important to lead a happy and peaceful life. There is no hatredness,
trouble torture etc. Forgiveness gives mental peace and brings gratitude friendship etc
Forgiveness is a good character it we forgive we became valuable.

3) In your opinion, how important is money?

Ans: Money is important to lead a life. But too much expectation is not correct . We should
lead money: but money should not lead us.


“Wealth and Values” is the prose given in the form of a skit . The intention of the lesson is to
understand the importance of money and values in life . The main characters of this skit is
.Mr .Balaji and his two sons Rahul and Gagan having contrast characters. Mr.Balaji was a
rich businessman having more wealth. Rahul asked his share of property and took it from
his father and went away .

He spent that money with is friends lavishly . Finally he turns
into a poor man .He wanders ,none of his friends helped him .So he came back to his
father’s house .Mr Baliji felt happy Rahul felt ashamed and asked sorry .His father consoled
him and accepted him . He told to his servants to celebrate the occession .Gagan was irritated
by his father’s action . But Mr Balaji convinced that they lost his brother ,he came back and
realished his mistakes.”To err is human :to forgive is divine “.

So they should show
kindness towards him by forgiving his mistakes . We should forgive because it has
happiness and peace . Wealth is important to life but values are more important than
money. If we have values we should lead happy and peaceful life.

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