7th Standard English Nest With Grand Parents Notes Question Answer

7th Standard English Nest With Grand Parents Notes Question Answer Summery Extract Mcq Pdf Download, 7th Class English 7th Chapter Notes Pdf Kseeb Solutions For Class 7 English Chapter 7 Notes Nest With Grandparents Lesson Notes Pdf Nest With Grandparents 7th standard Question Answer

7th Standard English 7th Lesson Notes

Check your understanding:

Answer the following in a word, a phrase or a sentence each:

1. Who removed Anjali’s things from her cupboard?

Ans: Anjali’s mother removed Anjali’s things from her cupboard.

2. Anjali’s parents expected and to live with them.

a) Dada and Chachaji b) Dada and Dadi c) Rita Bua and Chachaji (choose the right
Ans: Dada and Dadi

3. Where was Anjali going to sleep when her room was vacated?

Ans: Anjali was going to sleep on the couch in the hall after vacating her room

4. Papa wanted all of them to live together as ___ .
a) a nuclear family b) a joint family c) a migrated family. (choose the right answer)

Ans: a joint family

5. Where did Bua live?

Ans: Bua live in Delhi.

Check your understanding:

1. Mention the activity Anjali involved in when she was not bratty.

Ans: Dada and Dadi were so kind to her and they bought her a pretty T-shirt. Anjali also
adjusted with them. Her anger came down.

2. What made the family feel awkward with the arrival of the grandparents?

Ans: The grand parents woke up much before anyone else got up in the morning. This
made them to feel awkward.

3. Pick out two examples from the eighth paragraph to show that the grandparents objected to their habits.

Ans: They objected to listening pop music was noise and eating ice- creams were not good
for health.

4. What did Anjali feel about the house?

Ans: Anjali felt that she had suddenly been imprisoned the house looked too small.

5. Describe the changes that are mentioned in the eleventh paragraph.

Ans: Dadi prepared divine parathas subji mithai , pakoras salads and pickles. She was
fantastic cook. Anjali’s mother got more time to spend with her daughter. Her household
work and responsibility was also lessened. All were happy and felt sat is fied.

C2. Answer the following after you discuss the questions with your partner.

1. How different was the lifestyle of Anjali from that of her grandparents?

Ans: Anjali’s life – style was just contrast to her grandparents. They lived in a little
village and led a very simple life. Their way of things is led a very simple life. Their way of
thinking is completely chage. But Anjali’s life was modern style. Her taste of food clothes
etc, all are different.

2. Describe how Anjali behaved with her grandparents in the beginning.

Ans: She was the only child of her parents. She was never ready to share her things with
others. So she was disturbed and and behaved rudely .She would not talk much and
pretended to be immersed in watching her favourite programme on T. V But she did not
complain directly since she was afraid of her father.

3. What changes were seen after the grandparents started living with them?

Ans: In the beginning there was little were different. After some days the grandparents and
Anjali both were adjusted. Anjal’s angel came down. Dada helped Ajali with her projects
and helped in Math syllabus .He read the news headlines to her. Dadi made divine recipes .
Bothe were kind towards Ajali . Ajali’s mother was also satisfied she was so much relaxed
and had more time for her daughter.

C3. Discuss and answer.

1. Why did Anjali behave rudely with her grandparents?

Ans: As a single and lonely of her parents she led an independent and carefree life. She
was not ready to share her things with others when grandparents came to her home she felt
uncomfortable and confines. To show her disagreement she behaved rudely with her grand

2. If you were in Anjali’s place, how would you have reacted?

Ans: Self- assessment

3. Explain the reasons for the change in Anjali by the end of the story.

Ans: After the grandparents went to her Bus’s house she felt lonely and the big happy
family was changed to silent house. She felt the lack of love of her grand parents. She
missed them so when the phone rang she ran and picked up and asked them that when they
coming back . This attitude of Anjali shows that she was changed than before.

Summary :

The ‘Nest with Grand Parents was the prose written by Lalitha Sridhar . Here the author
describes the advantage and disadvantage of Nuclear family and Joint family .In the story
Anjali and her parents lived in city ie., Nuclear family . She was the only child and her father
and mother ,both were working . Here Dada and Dadi came to her house to live with them .
She had to shere her room and her routine was changed. After some days she adjusted to that
life . Dada helped her in project work and Maths subject . Dadi prepared delicious food .
Grand parents show more love and affection to her . In the beginning she was not ready to
share her things .She was disturbed . But after some days all went well . Some days later
her Grand parents wished to visit her bua’s house .At that moment she was excited that she
get back her room After her grand parents went , their house was her again nuclear family .
There was not one parents . But her parents were so busy in her parents . Bt happiness
vanished . After some days , some days the phone rang , Anjali picked it and asked her Dada
–Dadi ,”when are you coming back ?” This shows that the joint family is good for children’s
healthy growth.

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