9th Standard English Upagupta Poem Notes Question Answer

9th Standard English Upagupta Poem Notes Question Answer Summery Extract Mcq Pdf in Kannada Medium 9th Class English Poem 1 Notes Pdf 2023 Kseeb Solutions For Class 9 English Poem 1 Notes 9th English Upagupta Poem Summary in English


9th English Upagupta Poem Questions and Answers

Upagupta Poem Notes

Read and Appreciate

R1. Read and discuss your responses with your partner. Then write.

1. Why did Upagupta wake up startled?

Ans: Upagupta wake up startled because he was touched by the feet of a dancing girl.

2. “The dancing girl was rich.” Do you agree with this opinion? Justify your answer by quoting from the text.

Ans: Upagupta wake up startled because he was touched by the feet of a dancing girl.

3. Why do you think the ascetic did not accept the invitation of the dancing girl?

Ans: Upagupta wake up startled because he was touched by the feet of a dancing girl.

4. How is the spring season described in the poem?

In the spring season, the branches Of the wayside trees are full of blossom. Happy songs from a flute come floating in the warm spring air from a distance. Thus the spring season is described in the poem.

5.“The time, at last, has come to visit you.” What do you understand by this?

I understand about the truthfulness of Upagupta. He kept his promise to the dancing girl that he had made a year before. He finds the dancing girl lying on the ground outside the town, having sores of smallpox all over her body. She has been driven away from the town. He gives her water and applies sandal balm on her body. It shows his kindness and selflessness. He is the redeemer to those who are in trouble.

6. Read the last stanza. Does the description suggest anything about the ascetic?

Ans: The description suggests that the ascetic was truthful, kind and merciful.

Upagupta Poem in English 9th Class

R2. Imagery is the use of language to evoke pictures in the minds of the readers or listeners. Sit in pairs, identify the images used in the poem and write them down.

  1. Dancing girl’s feet were tinkling with anklets.
  2. Dancing girl was starred with jewels.
  3. Suddenly the black night showed its teeth in a flash of lightning.
  4. The branches of the way side threes were full of bloosoms.
  5. Lamps were out, doors were all shut.

upagupta poem mcq questions and answers

R3. In groups of four discuss what might have happened next in the story of the poem “Upagupta”. Share your answer with the rest of the class.

Vasavadatt thanked Upagupta. She took him to her house where she worshipped him and feel very happy. She might understand the various ways of divinity. As told, Upagupa met her in her pitiful condition. One should understand that Beauty is skin deep. So we should not proud of our beauty. She would have understood this reality and worshipped Upagupta.

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