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To My Countrymen Questions and Answers

Answer the following questions based on your reading of the passage :

What, according to Dr Kalam, is important in life to become a winner?

According to Dr.Kalam the power of the imagination is in life to become a winner.

Which is bigger, the individual or the organization?

Organization is bigger than individual.

What can be achieved by working together?

Missions can be achieved by working together.

It helped us humble a mighty empire. Who does the phrase ‘mighty empire’ refer to?

Mighty Empire refers to the British Empire.

What will happen if we have a low aim?

If we have a low aim, we cannot demonstrate that “India can do it”. We cannot revive the spirit of enterprise, we cannot compete with other developed countries and we will be remained remote of the development.

What is Dr. Kalam’s view on the good progress we have made in the software sector?

India is progressed in the software field but almost all the hardware is imported, we should produce our own hardware’s.

Mention the states that are faring better than others in the country

Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, are fairing better than others in our country.

Which state is rich in mineral wealth and natural gas?

Tripura is rich in mineral wealth and natural gas.

Where do you see insurgency and unrest among people?

We can see insurgency and unrest among the people of Assam.

Think about the Text

(B) Discuss the following questions in small groups, present your answers orally and then write them down in your notebook.

1. What do people expect from biotechnology labs and medical councils?

Ans: People expect proper diagnostic facilities in clinics and affordable drugs from the biotechnology labs and medical councils.

What is Dr. Abdul Kalam’s vision of India in 2020?

Ans: Dr.Kalam would like to see in twenty years a literate and poverty free India. He dreams of an India governed by noble leaders. He expected a system where the work of scientists and technologists is focussed on specific missions driven by goals relevant to the common man.

2. How did great people such as J.N. Tata, Sir Syed Ahamed Khan, etc. help India come up in the world?

Ans: .J.N. Tata brought the steel industry to India and started IISC in Bangalore. Sir Syed Ahamed Khan set up Aligarh Muslim University.

3. As mentioned in the lesson, what is it that we have? What is it that we don’t have?

Ans: We have multifaceted man power and basic infrastructure. But we don’t have integrated action plan and motive force has to be love for the country.

4. What is his message to teachers and students?

Ans: Students should get ready to transform India into a developed nation. Students should ignite their mind and think big. A teacher should be ready to say to give him/her old child. Teacher should completely transform the child so that after seven years no God or devil will be able to change the child.

5. What is lacking in the discussions and debates that take place in intellectual forums, political platforms and academic institutions?

The theme of developed India is not discussed in board rooms and technology conferences.

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