9th Standard English Ranji’s Wonderful Bat Lesson Notes Question Answers

9th Standard English Ranji’s Wonderful Bat Notes Question Answer Extract Mcq Pdf Download 9th English Ranji’s Wonderful Bat Notes Mcq Pdf Kseeb Solutions For Class 9 English Supplementary Chapter 3 Notes in Kannada Medium Ranji’s Wonderful Bat Questions and Answers Class 9 Pdf


9th Class Ranji’s Wonderful Bat Lesson Notes

Questions and Answers

I. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each:

1. Who was the youngest member of the team?

Answer: Ranji was the youngest member of the team, only eleven but strong
and bold.

2. What did Mr. Kumar give Ranji?

Answer: Mr. Kumar gave Ranji an old bat of his, by which he scored a century.

3. How many runs did Ranji score in the first match?

Answer: Ranji scored no runs in the first match.

4. Who was the captain of Ranji’s team?

Answer: Suraj was the Captain of the Ranji team.

5. Why did Ranji buy two laddoos?

Answer: Ranji scored fifty-eight runs in a cricket match with the old lucky bat. Pleased by this, he bought two laddoos for Koki who bowled well during his practice.

6. Why was everyone pleased with Ranji after the second match?

Answer: Ranji scored forty runs in the second match. In the next match, he scored forty-five runs. So everyone was pleased with Ranji after the second match.

7. How did Ranji lose the bat?

Answer: one evening, after a game on the maidan, Ranji decided to catch a bus home. He left the bat in the bus, while getting down from the bus he forgot to took it and lost it forever.

8. What did Ranji do after the last match of the season?

Answer: After the last match of the season, Ranji bought a dozen laddoos on his way home, six for Koki and six for Mr.Kumar.

II. Answer the following questions in three or four sentences each:

1. Why was Ranji upset after the game?

Answer: Ranji could not score a single run in the first match. Suraj, the Captain of the school team encouraged him to play well in the next match. He also told Ranji to do-better next time or he may lose his place in the side. Ranji had tried hard and practiced regularly, but when an important game came along, he failed to make a big score. So he was very upset after the game.

2. How did Mr. Kumar help Ranji?

Answer: Kumar lent one of his old bats to Ranji. He told Ranji that it was his luckiest bat. He had made a century with that bat. He encouraged and filled confidence in Ranji. In this way, Kumar helped Ranji.

3. Ranji scored many runs with the new bat given by Kumar. What may be the reason?

Answer: Ranji got encouragement from Kumar. He practiced well with the new bat. He played with courage and confidence. It was the reason that he scored many runs with the new bat given by Kumar.

4. How did Mr. Kumar console Ranji when he lost the bat?

Answer: Mr. Kumar said, “A bat has magic only when the batsman has magic! What you needed was confidence, not a bat. Any by believing the bat was the luck you got your confidence back.”

5. What is the good quality you appreciate in Mr. Kumar?

Answer: Kumar is not business-minded. He lent a bat to Kumar instead of selling a new bat. His encouragement and filling confidence in Ranji are the most appreciated qualities. He had patience. He consoled and encouraged Ranji to take heart when he had lost the bat.

6. If you were Mr. Kumar, how would you help the boy?

Answer: I would also encourage him and fill him with confidence and correct
his technique. I would help him by bowling to him in practice.

7. What do we learn from the story?

Answer: Failure is the stepping stone for success. We should not lose courage
and confidence. Then we will succeed in our life.

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