9th Standard English My Beginnings Lesson Notes Question Answer

9th Standard English My Beginnings Lesson Notes Question Answer Summery Extract Mcq Pdf Download 9th English Lesson My Beginnings Pdf 2022 Kseeb Solutions For Class 9 English Chapter 3 Notes in Kannada Medium my beginnings 9th class question answer 9th English 3rd Chapter Notes in Kannada Medium

9th Class English My Beginnings Question Answer

Answer the Following Questions

1. Kapil says, “The date, 6th January 1959, was thankfully recorded.” Why does he feel so?

Ans: Kapil’s mother could not read the time and date of his birth. But one of his cousins was born on the same day and around same time and it was recorded. So, he was thankful for that.

2. Kapil says, “But at that time…these dreams seemed like castles in the air, “What were these dreams? Were these dreams realized?

Kapil’s dream was to travel around the world and drive a Mercedes Benz. Yes, his dreams were realized.

3. What did Kapil’s mother always regale with?

Ans: Kapil’s mother always regales with tales of his naughty behaviour.

4. Kapil uses an idiomatic expression ‘castles in the air’. What does this mean?

Ans: Twenty five years ago, Kapil dreams seemed like castles in the air, it means that the dreams that he had are unlikely ever to become real.

Answer the Questions

1. In what way was Kapil ‘like all the other children’ around him?

Ans: Kapil, like all the other children around him, trying to bunk school and save up enough money to go to a new movie or have a plate of chicken chow Mein with his friends.

2. In the third paragraph Kapil says his neighbour’s lady grew trees. What were the two trees grown there?

Ans: Kapil’s neighbour’s lady grew papaya and pomegranate trees.

3. How did Kapil and his friends spend most of their time in their childhood?

Ans: Kapil and his friends spent most of their time in planning how to get into the garden of his neighbour’s lady and pick the fruits of the tree.

4. What had Kapil done that he had to sit still for two hours?

Ans: When Kapil and his friends had climbed over the wall and were perched on the tree, the lady was entertaining her guests for tea right under the tree, so he had to sit still for two hours.

5. What discovery did Kapil make by sitting on the papaya tree?

Ans: Kapil discovered the rash that papaya sap can cause.

6. “She counted them every day.” What did the lady count every day? Why?

Ans: The lady counted pomegranates on the tree every day. Because she knew that Kapil and his friends may pluck the fruit.

7. I got even the next day. What does this mean? What does this tell us about Kapil?)

Ans: It means that even kapil hurt by rashes next day he tried to pluck the fruits. It shows the naughty behaviour of Kapil.

Check your Comprehension:

my beginnings lesson in english notes

1. What naughty thing does Kapil narrate in the 7th paragraph? (*5th)

Ans: Kapil narrates about his riding the police horse that were left in the huge open green areas to gaze.

2. ‘Nobody would have noticed except for the fact that I bit off more than I would chew.’ What is the incident described here?

Ans: Kapil and his friends became more courageous and ventured out of the fenced area with the horses. Once he had taken the horse to his home, but he could not enter the house as the door was small.

3. Why does Kapil say he bit off more than he could chew?

Ans: Once Kapil decided to take the horse home. But he could not as the door was small. His father caught him and discouraged to ride horse again. So he said that.

4. How did Kapil’s father react to his escapade?

Ans: Kapil’s father discouraged him not to ride the horse.

5. What were the games offered in a local school where Kapil was studying?

Ans: The games offered in Kapil’s school were basketball, football, table tennis and hockey.

6. Which game was Kapil fairly good during his school days?

Ans: Kapil was fairly good at all games, exceptionally good at athletics during his school days.

7. “That is a decision I will always be grateful to them for, as they unconsciously introduced me to the game for which I was made.” What was the ‘decision’?

Ans: The decision was to change his game from football to cricket.

8. ‘But it was all merely fun to start with.’ What is Kapil talking about? Do you think cricket remained merely fun for him forever?

Ans: No, I do not think that cricket remained merely fun for Kapil forever. Because he because a successful professional cricket player.

Fill in the blanks using the appropriate words given in brackets. You can change the form of the word.

1. They’d ……………. their way through three packets of biscuits, (to eat something noisily)

Answer: munched.

2. A dog ………….. up the drops spilt on the floor, (to move your tongue across the surface of something in order to eat it)

Answer: licks.

3. Ranjitha was sitting at the table ……………. her coffee, (to drink something slowly)

Answer: sipping.

4. You should ……………… plenty or water, (to take liquid into your mouth)

Answer: drink.

5. This nut is so tough 1 can hardly ……………. it! (to bite food several times before swallowing it)

Answer: chew.

6. Sathvik ………………… the last drop of his coffee and asked for the bill, (to make food or drink go down your throat and into your stomach)

Answer: swallow.

7. Hemanthini …………………. up the last bit or milkshake with her straw, (to take liquid into her mouth by making her lips form a small hole)

Answer: Sucked.

8. A small girl was ………………. ice cream, (to put food in her mouth and chew and swallow it).

Answer: eating.

9. The cat began ……………….  to up the milk, (it drinks it by putting its tongue into it)

Answer: lap.

10. Umesh was …………………. with friends at the Taj Hotel, (to eat dinner)

Answer: dining.

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