1st Puc English Do not ask of Me, My Love Notes Question Answer

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Do Not Ask of Me My Love Question and Answers

Comprehension: 1

1. When does the speaker realize what he thought about love was not true?

The speaker realized what he thought about love was not true, when he came to know that there were other sorrows in the world than love and other pleasures.

2. That’s the way I imagined it to be’ suggests

A) That the speaker’s concept of love is naïve

3. For there are other sorrows in the world than love’, here sorrows refers to miseries

B) Caused by poverty and deprivation.

4. You are beautiful still , My love’ Here the speaker is expressing his

A) Fidelity to his love.

Comprehension: II

Do not ask of Me, My Love Summary

1. What transformation in the perception of love do you see in the poem?

Faiz Ahmad Faiz a famous Urdu poet from Pakistan writes about the love of a man which was thought to be lasting forever. But, very soon there is a transformation and realizes that there are much more
pleasures and sorrows in the world than love. The refrain ‘Do not ask of me, my love that love I once had for you’ tells us about his awareness of other realities of life.

In the first stanza the poet recollects the earlier time of a man and his love. Life was assumed to be bright, young and blooming. The sorrows of his lover was painful than any other pain. There was a time when he considered that her beauty added on to the beauty of spring and gave it an everlasting youth. He used to conclude that her eyes mattered more and everything else was a waste. In her presence, he would assume that the whole world was his. But soon he realizes it was merely an illusion. The love that he thought was all powerful and consuming was just one more of the many pains and pleasures in the world.

The next stanza speaks about the harsh realities of life. He begins to see the realities that summoned him and pleads with his love not to ask for the same love he had for her. He realizes the sufferings of humanity. He understands his mistake in seeing his beloved’s pain as that greatest. The more he drifts away from his lover, the better he is capable of understanding the meaning of true love.

Love can be woven in silk, satin and brocade but brutality of the curses that mankind has suffered for centuries questions this attire of love. The poet points out instances of war and bloodshed, the human trafficking the diseases and dreadful habits of human beings that has infested the world, with the wounds festering. When there is injustice and starvation poverty and deprivation, the poet feels he is not capable of involving himself into his past love. The poet concludes that he is helpless even though the lover is still beautiful, there are other sorrows and pleasures in the world more than love He comes to the resolution of being more considerate towards others problems and sufferings.

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