7th Standard English Dear Grandma and Grandpa Poem Notes Question Answer

7th Standard English Dear Grandma and Grandpa Poem Notes Question Answer Summery Extract Mcq Pdf Download, 7th Class English 7th Poem Notes Kseeb Solutions For Class 7 English Poem 7 Notes 2024

Dear Grandma and Grandpa Poem Notes Question Answer

C1. Answer the following questions in one two sentences each

1. Who is the speaker in the poem?

Ans: The grand children are the speakers in the poem.

2. Who does ‘you’ refer to in the poem?

Ans: ‘you’ refer to the grand parents in the poem.

3. How do grandparents make their grandchildren feel they are special?

Ans: The grand parents are very much affection to their grand children. They talk kindly
treat with love and more fun .At that moment they were also behave like children . Totally
the grand children always feel their grand parents are special.

4. How is the company of grandchildren helpful to grandparents?

Ans: Grand parents feel lonely in their old age. Nobody accompanied them .But grand
children are depending on them they are very eager to give love and take love. Both of them
enjoyed and by this way they are helpful and give new hopes in their life.

5. According to the poet, what is the best thing grandparents can do for their grandchildren?

Ans: Showing love and kindness and giving hugs are the best thing that the grand parents
can do.

6. What is the secret that the grandchildren share with their grandparents?

Ans: The grandchildren gave their heart to grandparents. They really love them. This was
the secret and true.

C2. Discuss with your partner and answer the following question:

1. How do you express your love for your grandparents?

Ans: Self- assessment

C3. Observe that the word ‘two’ in line five rhymes with

the word ‘you’ in line six. Can you find the other rhyming words in the poem?
Ans: The other rhyming words in the poem others –smiles, best –rest , true- you.

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