7th Standard English Mountain Climbing Laura Howell Horner Poem Notes

7th English Mountain Climbing Laura Howell Horner Poem Notes Question Answer summery Extract Mcq Pdf download, 7th English 6th Poem Notes Pdf Kseeb Solutions For Class 7 English Poem 6 Notes 2024

C1. Answer the following questions in a sentence each:

1. Mention the two difficulties faced by climbers in the first stanza.

Ans: The mist and the winding road are the two difficulties faced by the climbers.

2. What does the climber find in the fifth and the sixth lines on the road to the mountain?

Ans: The climber can find stones and dust on the road to the mountain .

3. In the third stanza, the climber finds out that mountain climbing is not easy. Pick the line which shows it.

Ans: With the chest rising and falling it is not easy to climb the mountain the legs will beaching from the assent over the mountain.

4. In the fourth stanza, what does the mountain climber try to reach?

Ans: The mountain climber try to reach the sky searching the blue clouds.

5. When do the climber’s muscles grow numb?

Ans: Whenever the climbers set food on the stones at great height the legs were stumbling
and muscles grew numb.

C2. Answer the following, discussing in your group:

1. Explain to your group the desire of the mountain climber.

Ans: The mountain climber had a desire to climb the mountain though it is difficult and
adventurous he had firm determination. She was very eager and had as innate desire to climb
and reach the apex. It was a very beautiful sight to see the sky covered by clouds.

2. Describe the feelings of the speaker when he reached the top.

Ans: She was very much breathless when she beautiful scenary at the top attracted her
and at the great height she saw the earth beneath her and felt that she had conquered what she
had aimed.

3. Express in your own words the adventurous desire you have and exchange it with your partner.

Ans: Self -assessment

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