7th Standard English Avoid Plastics Lesson Notes Question Answer

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Avoid Plastic 7th Standard Question Answers

C1. Check your understanding:

7th Class Avoid Plastic Question Answer

1. Who invented plastic?

Ans: Alexander Parker invented Plastic.

2. What did he name it ?

Ans: He named it as Parkesine.

3. Why do people dispose plastic everywhere?

Ans: The Plastic is very cheap and easily available, so people dispose plastic every where.

4. Give reason for plastic pollution.

Ans: Plastic is widely used. The dispose of plastic is also more and stays on the earth’s
surface for many centuries. It is long lasting and is impossible to decompose. These are all
the reason for plastic pollution.

5. Where is plastic pollution seen more?

Ans: The plastic pollution is more and highly concentrated in big cities.

6. Where does the plastic so disposed remain?

Ans: The thrown out plastic remains in the soil in the same from as they are nonbiodegradable

Check your understanding

1. How does plastic cause pollution at every stage of its production?

Ans: The Chemicals which is used in the manufacturing of plastic is poisonous and it can
causes serious damage to all the living beings. Recycling of plastic degrades the quality of
plastics and need more plastic to make an original product. Like this in every stage of its
production causes pollution.

2. How long can plastic take to decompose?

Ans: A single plastic sheet can take about thousand years to rot.

3. How does it have a bad impact on the earth?

Ans: The plastic has bad impact on the food chain. It is one important causes for global
warming. So it has bad impact on the earth.
Answer each of the following questions in two or three sentences:

4. Why is plastic widely used today?

Ans: Plastic is cheap light and more attractive. It can mould easily to any shape and size. It
is unbreakable and easy to carry. So it is widely used.

5. How does plastic cause environmental hazards?

Ans: The disposed thin plastic sheets can cause soil pollution and harmful to animals and
plants. It animals eat these thin sheets they suffer a lot. It has bad impact on food chain. It is
one of the cause for global warming.

6. What are the problems caused by recycling plastic?

Ans: The chemicals which are used in recycling plastics cause many problems. It need more
plastics to make an original product.

Dictionary work:

D1. Rearrange the words in alphabetical order as you find them in the dictionary:
One is done for you.

1. plastic, cheap, mould, dispose, hazard.
Ans: cheap, dispose, hazard. Mould ,plastic,

2. decompose, enormous, reduce, damage, marine.
Ans: damage, decompose, enormous, , marine. reduce,

3. create, degrade, compel, abolish, cause.
Ans: abolish, cause. compel, create, degrade,

4. retain, reduce, remain, recycle, river.
Ans: recycle, reduce, remain, retain, river.

5. product, present, pollute, problem, profit.
Ans: pollute, , present, problem, product, profit.

Find out the noun forms of the words given below. Use a dictionary if necessary:
One is done for you.

  1. born : birth
  2. marry : marriage
  3. graduate: graduation
  4. high : height
  5. impress: impression
  6. inspire : inspiration
  7. perform : performance

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