7th Standard English Leg Trap Lesson Notes Question Answer

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Leg Trap 7th Standard English Notes

C1. Answer the following in a word, a phrase or a sentence each:

1. What is the name of the shoeshine boy?

Ans: The name of the shoeshine boy is Dhira.

2. Who was he living with?

Ans: He was living with his mother and sister.

3. Where did he sit to earn a living?

Ans: He would sit near a cinema hall and polish shoes to earn his living.

4. What was Dhira doing when he was humming a tune?

Ans: Dhira was counting his day’s earnings when he was humming a popular tune.

5. What made him stop it?

Ans: Dhira overheard that “A thief just robbed and escaped from the jewellery shop. “This made him to stop.

6. The passer by gave Dhira three pieces of news. They were

a. A thief just robbed.
b . that thief escaped from the jewellery shop.
C. he stole a gold necklace.

Check your understanding.

Leg Trap Lesson Notes

1. Who stopped Dhira from going to the shop?

Ans: The customer stopped Dhira from going to the shop.

2. The stranger asked Dhira to do his work slowly as he had a lot of

Ans: Time

3. What made the man look like a rich man?

Ans: The man was wearing the costly clothers and wrist watch made him look like a rich

Check your understanding.

1. Which sentence in paragraph 5 shows the impatience of the customer?

Ans: “You silly boy re not doing your job well” he cried. This sentence showed the
impatience of the customer.

2. How long did the customer ask Dhira to polish his shoes?

Ans: The customer asked Dhira to polish his shoes for another five minutes.

Check your understanding.

1. What did Dhira find in the shoes?

Ans: Dhira found the gold necklace in the shoes.

2. Where was the ‘beard’ of the thief?

Ans: The ‘beard of the was in the thief was in the his pocket.

3. How did Dhira make the thief fall?

Ans: Dhira quickly tied the ends of the laces of the two shoes. When the thief tried to
walk he fell on his face.

C2. Answer in two or three sentences each:

1. What do you understand from Dhira’s story?

Ans: Dhira was courageous boy. He had a good presence of mind. He was bold and ready
to take risk when it is necessary. He was also an intelligent boy. We can understand that we
should be as brave as Dhira.

2. Describe the customer who approached Dhira.

Ans: The customer was weaning a pink shirt and a red tie. He looked like a rech man he was
not in a hurry and gave his shoes to Dhira to polish it.

3. How did Dhira polish the customer’s shoes?

Ans: Dhira dusted the shoe with his yellow cloth then h opened a tin took out some polish
and smeared it on the with his brush and started shining the shoe.

4. Why did Dhira concentrate on polishing?

Ans: Dhira was disturbed by the customer’s complaint. He thought that the customer must
be an influential man and he would complain about him to the policeman so he concentrated
his attention on polishing the shoes.

5. How was Dhira rewarded and honoured for his bravery?

Ans: Dhira was praised for his presence of mind. He was also rewarded by the police and
the Jeweller. He was honoured by him with a medal for his bravery at his school.

C3. Discuss with your partner and answer.

1. Is Dhira’s attempt to trap the thief the best one? Give reasons for your answer.

Ans: Yes Dhira’s attempt to trap the thief was really best one. Because it was his
presence of mind and his courage of doing the right thing at the right time. So he succeeded
in his attempt.

2. How did Dhira help the police to catch the thief?

Ans: dhira tied the ends of the laces of two shoes of the thief made him to fall and he was
not able to walk or run. So it was very easy for the police catch him. Likle this Dhira helped
the police.

3. Do you agree that it takes courage to do the right thing? Discuss keeping Dhira as an example.

Ans: Yea courage is necessary todo the right thing Dhira had courage to trap the thief if the
hadn’t such a courage it was not possible to catch the thief.


The lesson “Leg Trap” a short story written by Manorama Jafa.
The main character of the lesson is Dhira . He lost his father and lived with his mother and
sister . After school house he was shined shoes neara cinema hall . One hot day , he sat
under a tree and counting his earnings he heard that a thief had robbed a necklace from the
Jewellery shop . He was very curious and was wanted to go towards jwellery shop to know
more details .But a customer came and asked to him polish his shoes. Dhira was rich man
and influential . He saw two policeman were coming towards him .

When Dhira was polishing the shoe he found something sticking out of its back .To his astonishment it was the gold necklace. He thought of the plan , he tied the two ends of the laces of the two shoes
together and rushed towards police man . The customer tried to run away but he fell down
. The two policemen came and arrested the Jewel thief . The gold necklace was found in his
shoe and his beard in his pocket . Dhira was praised for his presence of mind . He was
rewarded by the police and the jeweler . He was honoured with medal for his bravery at his
school also.Though Dhira was young boy, he was brav and showed his courage infinding the thief.

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