7th Standard English The Wonder Bowl Lesson Notes Question Answer

7th Standard English The Wonder Bowl Lesson Notes Question Answer Extract Questions Mcq Pdf Download The Wonder Bowl Lesson Notes Pdf 2024 Kseeb Solutions For Class 7 English Chapter 5 Notes in Kannada Medium 7th Class English 5th Lesson Questions and Answers

7th Standard English Lesson The Wonder Bowl Notes

C1. Answer the following in a word, a phrase or a sentence each:

1. Which sentence in the first paragraph shows that Philemon and Baucis were poor?

Ans: They worked hard in their farm and were only able to get as much food as they
needed. This sentence shows that Philemon and Baucis were poor.

2. Would any stranger who came to their house go without food?

Ans: No, They would never let any stranger who came to their doors go without food.

3. Why did the dogs bark?

Ans: The dogs barked at the strangers.

4 What made Philemon say that the boys were bad?

Ans: The boys ill-treated the strangers so Philemon said that the boys were bad.

Check your understanding:

7th Standard English Notes Lesson 5

1. Why did Baucis feel that the strangers should have come earlier?

Ans: Philemon and Baucis had finised their supper just before the strangers arrival. So
Baucis felt that if the strangers have come earlier, they could have shared their food with

2. What were the strangers pleased with?

Ans: The strangers were pleased with their hospitality and their kindess. A small bowl of
milk to drink was a feast for them.

3. What made Baucis astonished?

Ans: After pouring the milk from the small bowl into two cups there hardly a drop left in
that bowl. One of the strangers took that bowl and filled not only his cup but also his friend’s
with milk. Seeing this Baucis couldn’t believe her eyes so she was astonished.

4. Together, the couple decided that the strangers were _ . ( fill in the blank with the right word)

Ans: angels from heaven

Think about the text.

C2. Some questions are given below. Discuss the answers with your partner/group and write them.

1. Describe the hospitality of the old couple picking out at least two examples.

Ans: The old couple treated their guests with kind words and welcomed them heartily
though they were in rags. They offered the milk. They had with humble request and they
talked very polietly with them . This shows the very good hospitality of the old couple.

2. What makes Baucis think that the strangers were not ordinary people?

Ans: One of the strangers was pouring milk to both the cups from an almost empty bowl made. Baucis to
think that the thought that they must ordinary people. She thought that they must be angels
from heaven come to bless them.

3. What did the strangers tell Philemon and his wife before going away?

Ans: The strangers told that they were God’s messengers. They were pleased with the old
couple’s kindness. So the old couple could ask anything they like and they shall have it.

C3. Discuss the answers to the following questions with your teacher.

1. Would Philemon and Baucis treat any other strangers in the same way?

Ans: Yes they were very kind and hospitable they would never let any stranger who came
to their doors go without food. They welcomed the guest with joy and shared their own meal
with them.

2. Why did God’s messengers come to the village?

Ans: God’s messengers came to the particular village and went to old couples dwelling
shows that they came only to bless them.

C4. Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow:

The Wonder Bowl Question Answers

1.“Don’t worry, good lady’’

a. Which lesson is this line taken from?
Ans: This line is taken from the lesson “The wonder bowl”
b. Who is the ‘‘lady’’?
Ans: The lady was Baucis the wife of Philemon.
c. When did the speaker say so?
Ans: When Baucis said that if the strangers would have come little earlier thay could share
their supper. At that moment the speaker said the above lines.

2. “May your bowl be full of milk always”

a. Who said this?
Ans: The guests said the above line.
b. Who did he say this to?
Ans: He said this to the old couple

c. Why did the speaker say so?
Ans: The speaker was pleased with the old couple’s kindness and said so

3. “Good angels, we wish to die together”

a. Who does the word ‘we’ refer to?
Ans: ‘We’ stand for the old couple Philemon and Baucis.
b. Who was it said to?
Ans: It was said ti the strangers.
c. Why did the speaker say so?
Ans: The guest said that they were god’s messengers and pleased with the old couples kindness and they should ask anything they like. So the speaker said the above lines.

The Wonder Bowl Summary :

It is one of the well-know stories of Mahabharata . When Pandavas lived in forest , Lord Surya gave them this wonder bowl to Yudistira. The speciality of this Akshaya Pathra was that it would give unlimited food till Draupadi finished her meal. Once Durvasa and disciples arrived and asked to arrange food for them Pandavas in exile , they had all finished their meal there was no food to serve them .Draupadi had also finished her meal . They became anxious .

Draupadi prayed to Lord Krishna for help . He appeared and asked her to bring the bowl. There was a grain of rice sticking Krishna ate it He was satisfied ,his satisfaction turned to Durvasa and his disciples . All felt so fully fed and they never came to Yudhistira’s house . The gist was if we had Lord’s grace we should overcome troubles.

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