2nd Puc English When You Are Old Poem Notes Question Answer

2nd Puc English When You Are Old Poem Notes Question Answer Summery Extract Mcq Pdf Download. 2nd Puc English Chapter 6 Notes in English 2023 Kseeb Solutions For Class 12 Chapter 6 Notes class 12 English Chapter 6 Notes

When You Are Old Poem Questions and Answers

Answer The Following Questions

1. The poet is addressing


2. In line two, the word ‘book’ refers to


3. The words ‘glad grace’ suggest


4. Pilgrim soul’ means the soul


5. What does the phrase ‘your changing face’ suggest?

It suggests that her youth and beauty will fade away. When she grows
old her face will get shrunk and will look different

6. Love fled’ connotes

The fleeing of her lover to the mountains

7. To whom is the poem ‘when you are old’ addressed?

The poem ‘When you are old’ is addressed to a young lady with whom the speaker is deeply in love

8. What does the speaker want his beloved to do sitting by the fire?

The speaker wants his beloved to sit by the fire and reminisce (recall)
her memories of the past.

9. Where, according to the speaker, had love hidden his face?

According to the speaker, ‘love’ had hidden his face amid a crowd of stars. It refers to the possibility that the speaker could die due to disappointment and frustration and seek a place in the heavens

10. Which is possible to infer about the speaker of ‘when you are old’?

He is saddened by rejection

11. What does the phrase ‘full of sleep’ mean?

The phrase ‘full of sleep’ means that she is old, tired and is going to die in the near future. It suggests lack of vitality and youthfulness.

12. Who does the speaker picture as ‘nodding by the fire’?

The speaker depicts his lady love as an old woman sitting beside the fire, nodding her head.

13. What does the speaker want his beloved to dream of?

The speaker wants his beloved to dream of herself as an old and gray woman nodding by the fire.

14. What are ‘your moments of glad grace’?

The phrase ‘your moments of glad grace’ refers to her elegance and beauty as a young woman. Here it refers to the occasions when many suitors were mesmerized by her beauty and elegant youth.

15. What is the aspect of the beloved that the speaker feels affinity for?

The speaker feels affinity for her pilgrim soul which means her inner self and not her exterior beauty

16. What does ‘ the sorrows of your changing face’ refer to?

‘The sorrows of your changing face’ refer to the changes seen in her face as she grows older. Her face will have shrunk and wrinkles which appeared on her forehead and face depict the difficulties and sorrows faced by her over the years.

17. What would be the fate of the speaker’s love and why?

Having waited that longer the speaker could die due to disappointment present, takes her to an unreal condition in the future and asks her to recall her past memories. It is written to express his true and
unforgettable love.
The poem bring out many contrasts. There is contrast between a) physical beauty and inner beauty b) youth and old age c) happiness and sadness.
The first stanza highlights the contrast between her elegant youth and her depressing old age. The second stanza mentions about the many suitors who had fallen for her physical beauty, while the speaker alone had appreciated her inner beauty.
The third stanza speaks of the transient love represented by many suitors and the permanence of his love.
There is a contrast between the ‘moments of glad grace’ and ‘ the sorrows of changing face’ that represent the youth and the old age. The
poet wants her to recollect the happiness of her youth, while she is sad and regretful in her old age. By bringing in all these contrasts the speaker wants to persuade the young lady not to ignore him now and
regret later.

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