2nd Puc English A Sunny Morning Lesson Notes Question Answer

2nd Puc English A Sunny Morning Notes Question Answer Summery Extract Mcq Pdf Download 2nd Puc English 5th Chapter Notes Pdf in English 2023 Kseeb Solutions For Class 12 English Chapter 5 Notes A Sunny Morning 2nd Puc A sunny Morning Short Summary, 2nd puc

2nd Puc English 5th Lesson Question Answer

Answer The Following Questions :

1. Do you think Laura was a regular visitor to the park? What makes you think so?

Yes, Dona Laura was a regular visitor to the park. As soon as she enters the park she says that she is happy to be there that morning. She says that she had feared that her seat would be occupied.

2. Why are Don Gonzalo and Laura annoyed with each other?

Dona Laura is annoyed with Don Gonzalo because despite her warning he scares away the birds which were feeding on her crumbs in the park. Don Gonzalo is annoyed because she is complaining about some birds which were feeding in a public park

3. Dona Laura reads without her glasses as

C. She knows every word by heart.

4. Gonzalo and Laura keep up humorous conversation because they

C. Have the same temperament.

5. Laura and Gonzalo’s friendly conservation begins with

C. A pinch of snuff.

6. What actually brings about peace between Laura and Gonzalo at the park-

A pinch of snuff.

7. Gonzalo does not reveal his identity because

C. He looks grotesque and old.

8.Do you think Laura is an effective narrator?

Yes. I think Dona Laura is an effective narrator because when Don Gonzalo asks her what she wishes to tell him Dona Laura tells him clearly that he had scared away the birds which were feeding on her crumbs.

9. Who had occupied Gonzalo’s usual bench in the park?

Three priests.

10. Where is the park in the play ‘A sunny morning’ located?


11. What is the name of Laura’s maid? How old is she?

Petra, she is twenty years old.

12. What does Don Gonzalo use to brush the dust from his shoes?

Don Gonzalo used his handkerchief to brush the dust from his shoes.

13. Where is one of the estates of Don Gonzalo located?


14. Name the villa in Valencia where Dona Laura spent several seasons in her youth

Dona Laura spent several seasons in a villa called Maricela in Valencia.

15. How is Dona Laura able to read the poem without her glasses?

She knows every word by heart.

16. Why does Don Gonzalo sit next to Dona Laura in the park?

He did not get any other bench to sit on.

17. Dona Laura does not reveal herself to Gonzalo because

Her appearance has changed a lot.

18. Why does Don Gonzalo decide not to reveal himself to Laura?

Don Gonzalo decides not to reveal himself to Laura because the shape of his body had changed and he had become grotesque.

19. Why are a number of Spanish writers mentioned in the play?

In his conversation with Laura, Don Gonzalo tells her that he was a great friend of Espronceda, Zorilla, Becquer, who are well known Spanish literary figures. Campoamor was also a Spanish realist poet and philosopher. Gonzalo mentions their names probably to impress her. Secondly, the playwrights want to highlight Spanish literary heritage.

20. Who does Laura feed the bread crumbs?

A flock of pigeons

21. How old is Don Gonzalo?

Seventy years old (70)

22. What is the name of Gonzalo’s servant?


Comprehension II

1. Precisely at what point of time do you think, Laura and Gonzalo begin to recognise each other ?

Gonzalo’s return and she did not get to read his letters, because her parents had intercepted and destroyed them. She waited for Gonzalo to return in vain and after two years married the merchant. After many years they meet in their old age in a park at Madrid. Gonzalo was suffering from gout. They get to talking to each other and realize their true identities but never reveal to each other. It is ironic though they have been craving for each other they pretend to be somebody else and never disclose. Yes, we could guess the characters even before they did.

2. Why do Dona Laura and Don Gonzalo spin fictitious stories about themselves?

A Sunny Morning by the Quintero brothers is a comedy. It tells the story of Don Gonzalo and Dona Laura, who were ardent lovers at their young age. But their affair was not a successful one as they had to part with each other in life. They meet each other in a park in Madrid during their old age. An old woman Dona Laura enters the scene leaning upon the arms of her maid Petra. The woman is happy about feeding pigeons with bread crumbs. It is at this point an old man enters with his attendant. The man is none other than Don Gonzalo, who is seen irritated as he finds no bench in the park to be vacant.

Moreover the one that he usually uses during his visit to the park is occupied by three priests. Quite grudgingly he comes near Laura and shares her bench. Laura gets infuriated as the old man has tried to scare the pigeons and she calls him “an ill-natured man”. But after a few moments of isagreement, both of them have a pinch of snuff and reconciles with each other. Gonzalo says that he is from Valencia and to his surprise Laura reveals that she is from Maricela, where she lived in a villa.

Gonzalo is startled by the revelation and he says that he knows a woman named Laura Llorente who lived in a villa there, who was perhaps the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Both Laura and Gonzalo realize that they were young lovers once. But they pretend not to reveal their identities. Both spin fictitious stories because they think that it was not a good idea to reveal their identities at old age. Moreover they were married and Gonzalo was suffering from gout. In order to hide their feelings for each other and to spend their remaining life in the sweet memories of the past they both spin stories about themselves.

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