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8th Standard Luther Burbank Lesson English Notes Question Answer Summery Mcq Pdf Download 2023, 8th Standard English Notes of Lesson 8 Kseeb Solutions For Class 8 English Chapter 8 Notes luther burbank lesson 8th class luther burbank Notes Pdf 8th standard english 8th lesson question answer KSEEB Solutions for Class 8 English Prose Chapter 8 Luther Burbank Luther Burbank Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

C1. Answer the following questions.

1) Name the fields in which Luther Burbank’s influence prevails

His influence prevails in the scientific community among those who work in the fie1ds of agriculture horticulture, forestry and livestock.

2) When was Luther Burbankborn?

Bur bank was horn on 7 March 1849.

3) What was Luther Burbank’s goal in life?

Burbank’s goal in life was to devote his life to grow new verities of plants.

4) Name the book that helped Burbank to decide on goal of hislife?

The book that helped Burbank to decide his goal of his life was Variation of animals and plants under domestication written by Darwin.

5) Mention the name of the new variety of potato plant grown by Burbank?

The name of the new potato plant is “Idaho potato”

6) How was whether in the state of California?

The weather there was mild and the soil was rich and varied.

7) How many varieties of fruits did Burbank grow on an acre of his farm?

He grew several thousands of fruits in his one acre II of farm.

8) What is grafting?

Grafting is taking a piece ‘of living material from one place and grow it on another plant or animal.

C2. Which of the following things was Burbank able to do because of his experimentation? (Tick off (√) against the true statement, and a (x) against others.

a) growing hundreds of varieties of apples. (√)
b) spending 1’5 years for a tree to bear fruit ( x )
c) Making a young plant yield fruit in a year or two(√)
d) growing about 526 varieties of apples in an acre of his
farm (x)

Read and Write :

C3. Read and discuss your responses with your partner. Then write.

1) How did Burbank’s genius benefit the life of a common man?

The products of his genuine continue play a part in the day to day lives of people throughout the world.

2) Why did Burbank move from Massachusetts to California?

He moved from his native place because the climate of his native place was not suitable for his work.

3) What did Burbank call his new home and why?

He called his new home “Santa Rose”. Because he conducted experiments there for more than fifty years.

4) How did grafting help Burbank in his experimentation?

He would collect different kinds of domestic plants and by grafting them the plants grew strong and plentiful. An acre of his farm yielded several thousand different verities of fruits. This wonderful achievement was made possible by grafting many twigs on a single tree.

5) In what way did Burbank save space and speed up his experiments?

He was able to grow for example 526 different types of apples on the tree. It was possible for him not only to save space but also to speed up his experiments.

6) What were Burbank’s experiments on cherry, blackberry, cactus and shasta daisy?

He developed an improve cherry, he found out thorn less black berry a cactus without thorns that is largely used as food for livestock. He discovered a peach tree that can with stand freezing weather or. He found out new flowers like ‘Shasta Daisy’ and rose that bears his name

C4. Write a paragraph on each of the following.

1) Write a note of Burbank’s early life.

Burbank was born on 7 March 1849 and was brought up on a farm in the state of Massachusetts. He was all acted towards years. But when he read Darwin’s variation of animals and plants under domestication he decided to devote his life to grow new varieties of plants.

2) Describe the three techniques on which Burbank’s experiments were based.

The three techniques on which his experiments were based are.

1) He would collect different kinds of domestic plants and bring in many foreign varieties of plants. When they were grown under different conditions they would prove strong, plentiful or hard or else show other changes or new qualities.
2) He grew many varieties of fruits and vegetables by changing water, food supply and temperature light or space other variations were active by crossing plants.
3) After the production of many varieties Burbank come to the final step. That was he could recognise and select the plants which showed desirable changes. He could also choose them for further experiments.

3) How did Burbank react when some of his efforts ended in failure?

Naturally many of his efforts ended in failure at one time he crossed a tomato with a potato though a vegetable was.

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