9th Standard English Justice Poem Notes Question Answer

9th Standard English Justice Poem Notes Qustion Answer Summery Extract Mcq Pdf in Kannada Medium 9th Class English Chapter 5 Poem Notes 2023 Kseeb Solutions For Class 9 English Poem 5 Notes justice poem summary 9th standard


9th English Justice Poem Questions and Answers Pdf

 Class 9 English Poem 5

Understand the poem

What is the poet trying to tell us? Read the following and find out the ideas of the poet. Work in groups.

1. When is justice reduced to trade?

Ans: Justice reduced to trade when it is earned for money

2. What is poet’s concern about justice expressed in the line, ‘A distressing gain through loss?’

Ans: The poet feels that getting justice for money become trade.

3. What kind of aright is justice?

Ans: According to the poet inherent right is justice.

4. What kind of justice is dead, according to the poet?

Ans: According to the poet justice with no heart for truth and no dash for right cause is dead.

5. How does the poet describe justice?

Ans: The poet describes justice as cool like ice and still like rock.

6. What present status of justice worries the poet?

Ans: Justice is lost in thick jungle of lightless night like a deer caught in lion’s lair. This status of justice worries the poet.

II. Read and appreciate

1. The poet compares justice to ‘gold strains’, ‘ice’ and ‘rock’ why?

Ans: Gold strains are highly valuable and bounded in earth but man exploits it. In the same way justice is also valuable. Man exploits it for his selfish end. Ice is cool and rock stands still. The justice also has the characters of coolness and stillness.

2. The poet says,
‘No easy road to charm her soul
While hardship makes her no more justice.’

Do you find his opinion about justice contrasting? If so,
why? If not why? Discuss in groups

Ans: Yes, we find poet opinion about justice is contrasting. Poet says that justice is inherent right and at the same time he says that justice is cool like ice and still hard like rock. Poet says that getting justice through hard ship is not a justice.

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