8th Standard English Jamaican Fragment Lesson Notes Question Answer

8th Standard English Jamaican Fragment Lesson Notes Question Answer Pdf Download in Kannada Medium, 8th Standard English Notes of Lesson 3 Kseeb Solutions For Class 8 English Chapter 3 Notes Jamaican Fragment Lesson Questions and Answers Jamaican Fragment Class 8 Jamaican Fragment 8th Standard Notes 8th Standard English 3rd Lesson Notes

Lesson – 3 Jamaican Fragment

C1- Answer the following questions.

1) Why was the morning walk pleasant to Mr. A.L.b Hendricks?

Morning walk was pleasant to him because he could see on either side, red and green roofed bungalows green lawns and gardens.

2) The exercise is good for me says the narrator what was that exercise?

The exercise was walking half a mile from his home to rail tracks lines in the morning and from the lines to his home in the evening.

3) What did narrator notice one morning?

Narrator noticed two boys were playing in the garden of the more modest cottages.

4) How did the smaller boy behave while playing with bigger boy?

The little white boy walked majestically up and down and every now and then shouted in a commanding to at his black playmate. The black boy did what he was told.

Answer the following questions.

1) What sight surprised the narrator the next day?

The next day when author went to the spot where the boys were playing now the dark boy was commanding while white younger did everything. The little dark boy was striding imperiously up and down the lawn, white boy walked abjectly behind. This sight surprised the author.

2) What were the two commands given by the blackboy to the while boy?

The two commands given by black boy to the white were. “Give me a banana” and ‘peel it for me’

3) Why was the white man surprised at the narrator’s outburst?

The white man surprised because he came to know the narrator did not know that the boys were his sons and they were brothers.

4) Why do you think the narrator smiled at the end?

The narrator thought that the white were still bossing the blacks. When he saw the play of boys for the first time, he thought about the racial discrimination. The whole day he thought next day when he found the white boy serving dark boy everything was clear. He came to know that it was the
game that the boys were playing. He was happy when heard that the boys were brothers. He smiled and
expressed his happiness.

C. 3. Some statements are given below some are true and some are false write ‘T’ or ‘F’ in the box provided against each sentences accordingly.

1) The bigger boy was black. (True)
2) The black boy ordered the white boy to pick up that stick. (False)
3) The white boy sat on the lawn. (True)
4) The two boys were not dressed alike. (False)
5) The little boys were playing when the narrator passed by in the afternoon (False).
6) The next day a man was playing with boys (False)
7) The game that the two boys played was the same game the author had played during his child hood (True)
8) I know what you are thinking said the man standing at the gate to the narrator (False)
9) The Father of the boys was white and mother was brown (True)
10) 92% of Jamaica is inhabited by the blacks (False)

C.4. Choose the correct answer. For each of the statements four alternatives are given as answers. Choose the best alternative.

1) The two boys in the story are

(b) brothers

2) The commands that the white boy gave to the black boy – they were.

(C) Three in number.

3) The black boy had mat of coarse hair in his head Coarse means.

(a) Rough

4) Only we grown – ups are silly the question fag to the statement is

(a) aren’t we?

5) The white boy had hazel eys hazel means.

(a) reddish brown

C.5. Read and discuss your responses with your partner.

1) What similarities and differences can you make out between the two boys?

Similarities- Both boys were little, both the boys were sturdy, both were dressed alike.
Differences- one was four years old the other five. The bigger was black with a mat of coarse hair on his head and black eyes. He was definitely little Jamaican. The other boy was smaller. He was white with hazel eyes and light brown hair.

2) What were three commands did the boy give to the small?

The three commands the big gave were

  1. ‘pick up thatstick.’
  2. ‘Jump into the flowers’
  3. ‘Get.me some water’.

3) The author could find no answer to some questions. Which are those questions?

The questions were whether it was even as a boy he had sensed his own country he would be at the white
man’s back and call. If he could make difference between himself and the white boy. If he thought that he could boss over the black man. The author did not find answers to the above questions.

4) Why was the narrator surprised next morning?

Next morning when the narrator came to the spot he was surprised because then dark boy was commanding while the little white youngster did everything. The little dark boy was striding imperiously up and down on the lawn, while the white youngster walked abjectly behind him.

5) How did the two boys behave whileplaying?

The little white boy walking majestically up and down, and every now and then shouted in a commanding
tone at his bigger playmate. The little brown boy dragged on quietly behind him and did what he was told.

6) What made the narrator think that the black boy could be the son of a servant or a classmate of the white boy?

Noticing the colour, eyes and hair of the both boys author came to the conclusion that the black boy must be son of the servant of the white boy. The black boy obeyed the commands of the white boy and did what the white boy told him.

7) What were the two points that the narrator wanted to clarify to the white man?

Narrator wanted to clarify that, the white boy was not commanding the black and the two boys were playing a game. He told the white man that we grown-ups were silly.

8) The two boys though brothers, differed in their colour. What might be the reason?

The reason is that though their father was a white man their mother was a brown woman.

9) If you were the white man, how would you read to the narrators comment?

I would have clearly told the narrator that his ideas were wrong. There was no discrimination between the
black and the white. The white man would never boss over the black in our country.


V I. Column ‘A’ has the names of the countries. Choose the correct nationality from the list given below and write in column.

Portugal Portuguese
Britain British
France French
Thailand Thai
Sweden Swedish
Holland Dutch
Switzerland Swiss
Greece Greek
Israel Israelite
Nepal Nepalese.

V.2. Guess and give the meaning of the words underlined in the table given.

1) The stipulated period of 12 years was coming to a close.
2) How can I perform the fire sacrifice?
3) Pandavas wanted to quench their thirst they went in search of water.
4) After seeing all his brothers dead yudhisthira was drowned in sorrow.
5) Yaksha was pleased with the answers given by Yadhisthira.
Stipulated Condition agreement
perform do, discharge
quench satisfy
drowned drenched sunk
pleased delighted

V 3. Read the following conversation and use the appropriate word from the ones given in brackets.

Patient: Doctor the wound in my heel pains me
Doctor: Dont worry it heal up after treatment (will, heel)
You are diabetic and weak, so it may take one week
(week, weak)
Patient: Excuse me a word with you doctor. I don’t know
whether it is fair to ask you this question (fair, fare)
Doctor: Oh! Don’t worry tell me what it is.
Patient: I have not money to pay the bus fare (fair, fare) I’m
sorry doctor. I forgot to tell you that. last week I lost your
prescription class (last, lost).
Doctor Ok No problem I will give you both.

V 4. Fill in the blanks with words that have similar pronunciation as the words under lined.

1} Pam panna and somanna are good friends. The former is a farmer and the latter is a businessman.
2} The thief wanted to steal. But the doors were locked he broke open the lock with a steel rod.
3) “Come here” said the teacher but the student did not hear.
4} Mandanna your answer is quite right but for a moment will you keep quiet.
4) Rashmi gave birth to a male child in Bangalore. He husband who was in mysore came by the mail train.

V.5. We can form the opposites by adding prefixes to words.

1) Sunitha is regular to the class but Sushema is irregular.
2) Rama Murthy’s answer is correct but Narayan’s is in correct.
3) Sita’s way of expressing facts is proper but Lakshmi’s in improper.
4) All should respect the national flag no one’ should disrespect it.
5) The competition was very tough. It was Rahul’s fortune that he won but it was sanjay’s misfortune that he lost.

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