2nd Puc English I Believe That Books Will Never Disappear Lesson Notes Question Answer

2nd Puc English I Believe That Books Will Never Disappear Notes Question Answer Summery Extract Mcq Pdf. 2nd Puc English 9th Chapter Notes Kseeb Solutions For Class 12 English Chapter 9 Notes

I Believe That Books Will Never Disappear Questions and Answers

Comprehension I

1. I was educated by my father’s library’ says Borges. He means

b ) He educated himself by reading on his own.

2. Why did Borges feel guilty about his mother?

Borges feels guilty about his mother because he was not happy in his life and hence he could not give her the happiness she deserved.

3. According to the author, blindness is __.

c. actually a resource

4. What according to Borges is the ultimate function of writing?

to preserve writing.

5. Why does Borges prefer to believe that he is not blind?

Borges prefers to believe that he is not blind because he wants to accept his blindness as a way of life and enjoy it.

6. Borges feels that when we read a book what matters is not the author’s intention, but what sense weget out of it.


7. When does the poetic act happen, according to Borges?

The poetic act happens when the poet writes it and the reader reads it.

8. What cannot be defined without oversimplifying it?

Poetry is something so intimate and essential that it cannot be defined without oversimplifying it.

9. Which is the most astounding invention of man?


10. Who is the interviewer in ‘I believe that books will never disappear?

Roberto Alifano

11. Mention any one of the things that Borges continued to do even after becoming blind.

Borges continued to buy books and went on filling his house with books, even after becoming blind.

12. When, according to Borges, would history and man disappear?

if books disappear

13. Who is Jorge Luis Borges?

Jorge Luis Borges was an Argentine short-story writer, essayist, poet and translator who became partially blind at the age of 55.

14. How old was Borges at the time of the interview?

He was eighty-three years old

15. Which was the first book that Borges read?

Grimm’s ‘fairy tales’ in an English version was the first book that Borges read

16. Who was Borges’ mother?

Dona Leonor

17. What does ‘Alles Nahe Werd Fern’ mean?

Alles Nahe Werd Fern’ mean ‘All that is near becomes far’. Which is written by Goethe (Johann wolfgang von Goethe)

18. Which famous library does Borges mention in his interview?

Borges mentions the Royal library of Alexandria in Egypt, in his interview.

19. When is a poet considered a failure?

A poet is considered a failure if one does not feel the poetic event upon reading it

20. Name the metaphors that Borges considers essential in literature.

Borges considers Time and river, life and dreams, death and sleep, stars and eyes, and flowers and women as metaphors essential in literature

21. What would happen if books disappear?

If books disappear, surely history would disappear and along with that men would disappear.

22. How can we make eternal works?

We can make eternal works when we transmute our humiliation, misfortune, and discord.

23. Who is the writer of ‘The Odyssey’?

Homer, an Italian poet.

24. Name the author of ‘Decline of the west’

Oswald Spengler, a German historian & philosopher.

25. How does Borges define poetry?

Borges defines poetry as the poetic act that takes place when the poet writes it and when the reader reads it.

24. What elicits the emotion in a poem?

Only precise words elicit the emotion in a poem.

Comprehension II

1. Poetry is magical, mysterious and unexplainable’. How does Borges explain the strange aspect of poetry?

According to Borges, poetry is magical, mysterious and unexplainable event. It is an aesthetic act that takes place when the poet writes it and when the reader reads it. Poetry is not the poem, for the poem he
believes may be nothing more than a series of symbols. Precise words which can elicit emotions add to the beauty of the poem along with the usage of Metaphors like, ‘time and river’, ‘life and dreams’ , ‘death and sleep’ , ‘stars and eyes’ and ‘flowers and women’. Poetry gives pleasure to the readers. It gives peace and happiness to those who are sad. It is an inspiration to those who are discouraged. Poetry looks at the brighter side of the things and describes the beauty of nature.

2. What value does Borges see in literature? Why is it important for the future of mankind?

According to Borges, Literature is a dream, a controlled dream. He feels we owe almost everything to literature, what we are and what we have been and also what we will be. Our past is nothing but a sequence of dreams. He believes that there is no difference between dreaming and remembering the past. Literature to quote “Ever man feeds it, ever man reads it. Time cannot age it and death cannot slay”. Literature is forever because its function is irreplaceable. If books disappear then there would be no world to be interpreted.

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