2nd Puc English Heaven If You Are Not On Earth Poem Notes Question Answer

2nd Puc English Heaven If You Are Not On Earth Poem Notes Question Answer Summery Extract Mcq Pdf Download. 2nd Puc English Chapter 10 Notes Kseeb Solutions For Class 12 English Chapter 10 Notes

2nd Puc English 10th Chapter Notes

Comprehension I

Heaven If You Are Not On Earth One Mark Questions

1. According to the poet ‘heaven’ is

On earth

2. Who creates ‘heaven on earth’?

The man creates heaven on earth.

3. The poet finds God in


4. What does the line ‘Heaven lies all over’ suggest?

The line ‘Heaven lies all over’ suggests that the beauty of heaven lies in vthe splendour of harvest and the moonlit night.

5. What are the different forms of heaven that make earth a heaven?

The different forms of nature life the roaring stream, the rolling surf at the edge of waves, the tender sunshine, the sun, the harvest and the moonlight make this earth a heaven.

6. Where does the tender sunshine lean?

The tender sunshine leans on gardens green with grass.

7. How does the poet create heaven on earth?

The poet creates heaven on earth by imbibing the beauty of nature and spilling the nectar of heaven, on the earth, through his poetry.

8. How does the poet break the myth of heaven in the poem?

The poet considers concepts like ‘God’,’nymphs’ and ‘heaven’ as myths, which are not tangible entities but are only figments of man’s imagination. He says that if at all heaven exists it exists only on this earth. To break the myth of heaven in man’s mind he presents before us charming sights of nature and argues that nothing can be more heavenly than these forms of nature. He makes a direct address to nature and declares that if heaven does not exist on the earth where else
can it be. He justifies his statement referring to the streams, the waves, and the sunlight.

Comprehension II

heaven, if you are not here on earth questions and answers

1. Describe the beauty in nature that makes the earth a heavenly place ?


2. Why does the poet feel that earth is more beautiful than heaven?

K.V. Puttappa is widely known by the pen name Kuvempu. He is the first among the eight recipients of the Jnanpith Award for Kannada, also the second after M. Govinda Pai among Kannada poets to be revered as ‘Rashtrakavi’, a national Poet. He was conferred ‘Padmavibushana’ by Govt of India and has penned the State Anthem ‘Jaya Bharata Jananiya Tanujate’ This poem is the English Version of ‘Swargave Bhoomiyoliradire Neenu’ written by Kuvempu and translated by Prof. C Naganna. In
this 14 lined poem,

the poet addresses Heaven in the first two lines. He states that if Heaven does not exist on Earth, where else can it be. One need not have to look for Heaven in the skies, when it exists here on earth says the poet. The poet tries to argue that the concepts like’Heaven’ ‘God’ and the ‘Nymphs’ are created by man. It is simply man’s imagination. Therefore, man himself is God and so also the heavenly nymphs. They are not elsewhere best here on earth.

The poet wants to dismiss the belief that God and nymphs live in heaven and people go to heaven after then death and find the God and nymphs there. In the next stanza , the poet describes ‘the splendor of Nature’ and makes us appreciate and enjoy the heavenly bliss, when we are alive. When one looks at the streams roaring and leaping down from the top of the hills , the waves that roll across the sea carrying surf at their edges, the tender rays of sunlight falling on verdant gardens and the gentle sun warming up the earth reflect ‘Heaven’.

The splendor of harvest and the moonlight nights creates a picture of ‘Nature’ in its pristine form The poet who imbibes this heavenly bliss can spread the nectar of ‘Heaven’ through his poetry on the earth.
Natural things appear to be more beautiful than imaginary things. Therefore, the poet is of the opinion that ‘Heaven’ exists only on the earth and nowhere else. The so called pleasures of heaven could be very
well obtained on earth, when one enjoys and experiences.

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