7th Standard English Awareness Poem Notes Question Answer

7th Standard English Awareness Poem Notes Question Answer Summery Extract Questions Mcq Pdf Download, 7th English 2nd Poem Notes Pdf 2024 Kseeb Solutions For Class 7 English Poem 2 Notes Awareness Poem 7th Standard Question Answer

C1. Answer the following questions in one sentence each:

1. Name the things that are tossed on the grass.

Ans: Broken bottles half burnt pieces of glass and bundles of news papers are tossed on the

2. What are sprayed on our food?

Ans: Poisons and insecticides are sprayed on our am.

3. What pollution is mentioned in the third stanza?

Ans: The industrial waste Airline emission, fuel smoke the nuclear weapons destruction invisible rays etc are polluting the environment

4. What risk are we taking by staying in such a world?

Ans: Our lives are at risk. It may cause the destruction of man.

C2 Answer the following after discussing with your group/ partner:

1. What damage to nature is discussed in the first stanza?

Ans: The unwanted things like Broken bottles half burnt glass pieces ,bundles of
newspapers causes the environmental pollution. The Plastics, glass pieces are nonbiodegradable substances, so it might cause soil pollution . Cutting of tress and making
concrete buildings spoil the environment.

2. How is our food contaminated?

Ans: The pesticides and insecticides that are sprayed on the crops will mix with our food
grains. Oceans are filled with crude oils and sea-creatures are contaminated. Thus the
terrestrial and sea food get contaminated.

3. Describe the way the air is being polluted.

Ans: Now –a- days the number of industries are more. These more number of
manufacturing industries expel the smoke Airlines emitting the caustic gases from fuels the
nuclear weapons destruction cause more air pollution . Cutting of trees also added up the air
pollution .Air pollution is increased day by day.

4. In what way can we solve these problems?

Ans: Every one should be aware of the problem. Everyone should understand the condition
in which we live. We should take the necessary measures to control air pollution. Planting of
more trees and refine the smoke from the industries awareness to people are some of the
measures to solve the problem.

C3 Answer the following after discussing in groups:

1. What message does the poem give?

Ans: We are living in the polluted environment. If we do not take any action, we may
suffer in the future. We are the main cause to pollute the environment so we should correct it
everyone should be aware of this without the environment man cannot live so purifying the
environment is our responsibility planting of more trees keeping Our Surroundings clean and
minimize the use of non-bio degradable substances like plastic, chemicals glass etc. to save
ourselves, we should save the environment. The poem gives this message.

2. Write at least five environmental awareness statements displayed in public places.

Ans: 1. There is no life zone without ozone.

2.Avoid Plastics use biodegradable Meterials

3. Save Water .

4. Don’t Pollute resources like Pond. Lake, river , sea and oceans.

5. Lets make our world a greener place.

Summary :

“Awareness” is the poem written by Sylvia Stults. Here the poet warns us to be aware about
the environment which we live in .We can see the broken bottles half burnt glasses papers
and all kinds of waste here and there . The people and all kinds of waste solids carelessly
and it causes the environment. Our food is contaminated with poisonous insecticides and
pesticides since it is mixed in the sea and oceans cause great destruction to aquatic plants
and animals . We consume this type of adulterated food .Industries throw out the poisonous
gases and pollute the air which we breathe . All people should be aware of pollution and
takes necessary action . Otherwise the whole mankind may be destroyed in the future year.

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