2nd Puc English The Voter Lesson Notes Question Answer

2nd Puc English The Voter Lesson Notes Question Answer Summery Extact Mcq Pdf. 2nd Puc English 3Chapter 12 Notes The Voter Summary 2nd Puc 2023 Kseeb Solutions For Class 12 English Chapter 12 Notes The Voter Questions and Answers

Comprehension I

1. Roof was a popular young man because he

a. had not abandoned his village.

2. Why was Marcus considered rich and powerful?

After becoming the Minister of Culture, Marcus bought two long cars and had just built himself the biggest house anyone had seen. He christened his new house “Umuofia Mansion. He had entertained his people slaughtering five bulls and countless goats to feed the people. He had installed a private plant to supply electricity to his new home.

3. The fact that Marcus Ibe left the good things of the capital and returned to his village whenever he could, shows

b. he enjoyed all the comforts of the city in his village.

4. After the feasting was over, the villagers

c. realized Marcus’s wealth

5. The ‘whispering campaign ‘ is

c. clandestine distribution of money

6. The village elder Ezenwa tilted the lamp a little because

c. he wanted to confirm the amount paid to each.

7. Firewood refers to

c. the benefits the elders received

8. Roof and the leader of the POP campaign team were

a. friends
c. known to each other

9. Roof was mesmerized by

a. the red notes on the floor

10. Roof’s act of inserting the torn ballot papers in two boxes signifies

c. absolving himself of his guilt

11. Where did Roof work as a bicycle repairer’s apprentice?

Port Harcourt.

12. Who had formed the Progressive Organisation party?

The Progressive Organisation Party had been formed by the tribes down the coast

13. To which village did Roof belong?


14. Why was Roof popular in his village?

Roof was popular in his village because, unlike most of his fellows, he had not abandoned the village in order to seek work in the towns

15. What benefits came to Roof with leaving the occupation in Port Harcourt?

Roof became Marcus’ election campaign manager and received a lot of money and gifts from Marcus. He won a land case because he had been chauffeur-driven to the disputed site

16. What proverb does the writer use to describe the opposition to Marcus Ibe?

The writer uses the proverb, “fly trying to move a dunghill”, it describes strength of Marcus Ibe and weakness of opposition party.

Comprehension I

1. What was the justification for the formation of the POP?

Chinua Achebe is a Nigerian novelist, poet, professor, and critic. Achebe’s novels focus on the traditions of Igbo society, the effect of Christian influences, and the clash of western and traditional African
values during and after the colonial era.

The enemy Roof had referred to was the Progressive Organization Party (POP) which had been formed by the tribes down the coast to save themselves, as the founders of the party proclaimed, from “total political, cultural, social and religious annihilation.” They want the people to know that they will be paid pounds and not shillings if they vote for them.

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