7th Standard English Froth and Bubble Poem Notes Question Answer

7th Standard English Froth and Bubble Poem Notes Question Answer Summery Extract Question Mcq Pdf Download, 7th English 4th Poem Notes Pdf Kseeb Solutions For Class 7 English Poem 4 Notes


7th Standard English Poem Froth and Bubble Question Answer

Check your understanding

C1. Answer in a sentence each:

1. What should not be done, according to the poet?

Ans: We should not ask the questions.

2. Who should be helped?

Ans: We should help every weak neighbours or those who are in need.

3. What should not be asked for?

Ans: We should not ask for help from anybody.

4. Life, says the poet, is—— and—

Life, says the poet, is forth and bubble .

5. In the poem, ‘stone’ means a. rock b. bubble c. strong feelings.

Ans: c. strong feelings.

C2. Discuss in pairs and answer.

1. According to the poet, what is life?

Ans: According to the poet the life is uncertain. The life is compared to forth and bubble
because life is also temporary and momentary like forth and bubble.

2. When do the two things stand like stone?

Ans: If show kindness in another’s trouble and wee should be courageous in our own troble
or hardships of life. These two virtues are used in our life. It should stand like stone

3. What should we do till our goal is won?

Ans: We should live patiently and do our work promptly we should not question, until our
goal is won.

C3. Discuss with the teacher and answer :

1. What is the message of the poem?

Ans: We should be kind towards other and have courage in doing the right thing with
confidence. Kindness and courage are two good virtues we should have it

2. According to this poem what is our duty in this life?

Ans: We should help those who need and do not expect or ask help from others. We
should live to do our duty work hard until we reach our goal.

3. Why do you think the poet, has compared life to froth and bubble?

Ans: The human life is very short nobody knows his end so poet has compared the life to
forth and bubble.

4. Why does the poet compare gentle emotions to stone?

Ans: Kindness and courage are two gentle emotions in nature but if we use in our life. The
fruit is strong and stands for ever. For ex Mother Teresa’s work and the patriots showed
courage in the war-field. So the poet compare these two gentle feelings to stone.

Froth and Bubble Poem Summary in English :

This poem was written by Adam Lindsay Gordon. It is a very short poem containing only
eight lines. The poet explained how we should live?

We should live and do our work till we reached the goal. We should not ask questions. As
much as possible we should help our weak neighbors, especially those who are in need.
Simultaneously we should always remember that kindness and courage are two things
everlasting and stand like stone. So we should show mercy or kindness in another’s trouble,
but we should possess courage and live bravely we can succeed in our life and achieve our
goal courageously.

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